Selection Committee

The veneration of the names of men and women who have brought fame and honor to their home town is not a new idea by any means. This crumbling stone and the gorgeous mausoleum, the sculptured marble and the venerable cathedral, all bear witness to the instinctive desire within us to be remembered by future generations. A British statesmen once said, “All do not judge a nation by its power or wealth but by the way its people tend the graves and preserve the memories of the men and women who built the nation.”

The present members of the Hall of Fame Induction Selection Committee are: Dave Chandler, Ralph Sneyd, Rob Ring, Wayne Hunwicks, Jill Miller, Don Rich, Ron Taylor and Marcella Keith.

There are still a good many former athletes who will undoubtedly be selected in due time but they must be patient. The selection committee’s task is not an easy one.